Locally owned and operated in Springfield, Missouri

Osc licensed professionals

Meet the Owners of Ozarks Safe Co.

Daniel Gordon - Installation Specialist
Travis Wilmot - Installation Manager
Seth Renshaw - Sales Manager
Kevin Dawson - Business Manager

Ozarks Safe Company was established by four men who worked in the safe industry for years for another company which also sold other products.  We decided to form our own company specializing in high quality safes and customer satisfaction.  As equal co-owners in this business, we value "people over profits".  Our goal is to make sure our employees are taken care of first and our company profits come second.  We don't answer to any other shareholders so each member of our team is honored and valued regardless of his or her responsibilities.  We believe happy, secure employees will create positive experiences for our customers.  Ozarks Safe Company is committed to providing the highest level of customer service in the safe industry.

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